Information for New Members

The LAS publishes information about future events in the Blue Book which is posted to members twice a year, usually in May or June for events from September to December, and in November for events in the following January to June.  The Blue Book comes with two booking forms, one white and one green, for the two successive quarters.  There are four booking deadlines, usually around the end of November, in February, July, and September.

Most events get over-subscribed, so that a ballot is held and the random-number generator in the Registrar’s computer is used to choose which booking requests are successful.  The booking form allows you to select an order of preference for your bookings, 1 for your first preference, 2 for second, and so on.  This has a large effect on the booking process, such that, typically, around 90% of all first preference requests are satisfied.  If you choose not to provide an order of preference for some or all of your events, the computer will optimise the number of events for which you are successful, but these will typically be the ones that are not in such high demand from your fellow members.

At present all payments are made by cheque: since when you send in a booking form you do not know how many successful bookings you will receive, you should make out a cheque for a variable amount subject to a limit.  The back of the booking form shows how this can be done.  The Registrar will complete the figures box with the actual amount after the ballot.  Because of the necessity of sending in a cheque, the booking form must also be sent in by post.  But you have a choice of getting your confirmation form by email or by post.  In the latter case you must also enclose a stamped self-addressed envelope.

Some events which are expected to be in high demand or where a list of names has to be submitted to the event host in advance are designated as asterisked events.  If an asterisked event is over-subscribed the LAS maintains a waiting list.  Should you be unable to attend, please notify Mr Les Spicer whose details are given in the Blue Book and on the confirmation form, and the LAS will try to find a substitute (so that you can claim a credit for the fee you paid).


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